Fractal Space is an exploration of numbers, infinites and their representation. Using visual, plastic space to grasp the unimaginable has always been a source of wonder. Using fractal bodies and their endless detail to shape a journey into a landscape like drone shots we try to find similarities to what seems familiar. We might see caves, clouds or mountain ranges but yet everything has an alien aesthetic. 

Made with Cinema 4D, Octane Renderer and After Effects.
Music by Decent - Houses of Heaven
Forever – is composed of Nows –
‘Tis not a different time –
Except for Infiniteness –
And Latitude of Home –

From this – experienced Here –
Remove the Dates – to These –
Let Months dissolve in further Months –
And Years – exhale in Years –

Without Debate – or Pause –
Or Celebrated Days –
No different Our Years would be
From Anno Dominies –
― Emily Dickinson
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