Annuli emerged from the the module „Interactive Motion Media II“ and visualizes the book lending at the University of Applied Science in a new and interesting kind. The purpose was to gives the interested public an understanding of an usually abstract and boring subject.
The user interface extends the resulting analog artefact by an digital component. In interaction with the touch table the user gets the possibility to receive more detailed information about the data visualization. 
“Annuli represents the attempt to create more awareness for the analog knowledge transfer and to establish a place for books in a digital world.“ 
Annuli is an interactive installation, which contains the book-lending statistic of the University of Applied Science in Osnabrück. It visualizes the knowledge transfer of the students. The resulting growth of knowledge involves the analogy of a tree which grows when knowledge has been transferred. The roots are the foundation of the installation. The book-lending is visualized by a coded light within the root that migrates to the tree like a nutrient. The borrowed book will then be printed with help of an integrated 3D printing head. A new data ring in the tree trunk is the result of this printing process. In a period of one semester a pie chart will be created for each day, which visualizes the amount of borrowed books from the different locations of the University of Applied Science Osnabrück. The crown is the final element of the installation. The whole knowledge of the semester comes together in this section. If somebody submits his bachelor or master thesis, the crown will shine in coded colored lights. 
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